Meet The Reeds! 

 Meet Randall & Sherry Reed, Owners

Randall Reed and his wife, Sherry and daughter, Shelby are the owners Randall Reed's Planet Ford 635 in Garland, Texas. Mr. Reed is the CEO and founder of the World Class Automotive Group and Reed Family Enterprises. The family is proud to own one of the largest, privately held, award-winning dealer groups in the country with locations in Garland, McKinney, Dallas, Spring, Humble (greater Houston) and Huntsville, Texas.


For over 30 years, Mr. Reed has been recognized as one of the Top-100 Mega Dealers in the United States by Wards Dealer Business. Mr. and Mrs. Reed have built a highly successful, Texas-based automotive dealership group on the foundation of managing from the ground up with over 35 years of automotive experience. Mr. Reed began as a diesel engine mechanic in the late 1970s and progressed through sales, finance and management. He leveraged his hands-on training, along with his many incredible business partners, into creating today's award-winning sales organization.

Historic Ford First

Mr. Reed achieved a historic Ford first. He is the first independent dealer to win the highly coveted Triple Crown at every World Class Automotive dealership in the same year.In addition, in 2018, he became one of only seven dealers inducted into the Ford Dealer Hall of Fame

Award-Winning Dealerships

Planet Ford 635 is the proud recipient many top honors including seven consecutive President's Awards. As well as multiple and consecutive highly coveted Triple Crown awards, which is highest honor a dealership can earn. In order to be recognized, a dealership must receive all of Ford's top awards, which include: The President's Award for customer service; the Ford One Hundred Club, an honor based on vehicle sales; and the Ford Customer Service Premiere Club. Mr. Reed owns and operates the No. 1 selling Ford dealership in the greater-Houston area holding that prestigious title for nearly 20 years. The group is also the recipient of more than 30 top honor sales and service awards over the past 30-plus years.

Autotainment (au-to-tain-ment)

The Reeds and their partners have transformed the automotive experience with their concept for "autotainment." They have evolved the traditional automotive purchasing process of goods and services into a distinctive experience-centered environment, revolutionizing the sales and service process for the new millennium.

Along with famed designer F. Michael Graves, Mr. Reed created one of the most unique automotive sales and service experience themed dealership, eliminating the negative connotation of "us against them" when purchasing or servicing a vehicle. Many processes and environmental zones were eliminated. Other areas were enhanced to substantially improve the overall experience many customers reported not liking, such as lack of parking to things they wanted like play areas and restaurant quality refreshments. The group hired the top specialists in the world to design and build their very distinct and successful autotainment mall dealerships.

Giving Back to the Community

The Reeds believe it's crucial to give back to the communities in which they work and live. In addition to the World Class Automotive Operation charitable endowment, which has made many considerable donations to multiple organizations; each of the Reed's dealerships also work with local and national charities.

Growing up in an economically challenged home, Mr. Reed knows how important it is for businesses to extend opportunities to area families and youths in order to preserve and strengthen local communities.

Each location sponsors and participates in local events, various school fundraisers and supports a variety of programs for children and families. "When we all give a little, we can help a lot for both the future of our kids and our community," said Mr. Reed

Keys to Success

The Reeds believe it's crucial to give back to the communities in which they work and live. In addition to the World Class Automotive groups charitable support, each of the Reed's dealerships also work with local and national charities.

Planet Ford 635 in Garland, Texas sponsors and participates in local events, school fundraisers, and supports a variety of charities for children and families. Our dealership provides scholarship funds for students, sports clubs and educational sponsorships. We Drive 4 Our Schools annually to help raise thousands. Plus, Planet Ford 635 is committed to supporting charitable events that help our community, from Veteran and First-Responder charities to health-driven fundraisers. In addition, our Dallas-area dealership is a member and partners with the Garland Chamber of Commerce, The Shriners and other community organizationsWorking at the young age of 12, Mr. Reed built a foundation for his strong work ethic and appreciation for every hard-earned dollar. Working his way up through the automotive ranks from mechanic to dealer, gave him a unique advantage in the business. "The diversity of my experiences have allowed me to have a real understanding of every facet of our business and how to create a better customer experience," said Mr. Reed. "At the end of the day, that's what it is about -- how well we help our customers."


Ultimately, the Reeds attribute all of their success to all of the loyal consumers. "There are thousands of customers to whom Sherry and I owe everything in business," he said. "God has blessed us. We've been married and successful in business for well over 30 years, have three wonderful children and get to work with amazing people every day. I am very thankful."